21st Century Medicine Shouldn’t Be Held Back By A 1949 Building.
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Make History With Us

As innovators, influencers and drivers of change we’re calling on Canada’s tech community to innovate for SickKids. Our fundraising challenge: $25 million to invest in big-data solutions and a modern new hospital to support AI’s limitless possibilities.

Ways To Give

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Whether it’s a one-time or monthly gift, fund the fight and donate today.

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Pledge Your Support

Support SickKids through the Upside Foundation, a charity platform that helps founders donate 1% of their company’s equity at the time of sale or IPO.

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Leverage Your Corporate Clout

Match donations, become a sponsor, or start an employee giving program. Everyone wins.

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Start Your Own Fundraiser

Hosting an event is a great way to support SickKids and engage your employees. Find inspiration and register for your next fundraising event or download our toolkit and other helpful resources.

Early Adopters

They’re founders and CEOs, lawyers and entrepreneurs. Here are the people who’ve stepped up and joined our fight.

Founding Chairs



Lauren Arnold Image

Lauren Arnold

Business Director, TalkShop

Gabriella Rackoff Image

Gabriella Rackoff

Brand Strategy Consultant

Laura Gabor Image

Laura Gabor

Director of Ops at Betakit

Advisory Council

Lindsay Silverberg Image

Lindsay Silverberg

Public relations consultant

Corie Caplan Image

Corie Caplan

Director of Partnerships, AccessNow

Karen Moores Image

Karen Moores

Advisor and Entrepreneur

Kevin Oulds Image

Kevin Oulds

Co-founder, Willful

Sarah Wilson Image

Sarah Wilson

Investor, Panache Ventures

Natalie Kiguel Image

Natalie Kiguel

Vice President, TalkShop

Julia Siegal Image

Julia Siegal

Sr. Communications Specialist, FreshBooks

Anne-Marie Tremble Image

Anne-Marie Tremble

Sr. Account Associate, TalkShop


Stacy Woloschuk Image

Stacy Woloschuk

Senior Parternships, BRIM Financial

Isaac Olowolafe Image

Isaac Olowolafe

Founder, Dream Maker & Director, SickKids Foundation

Michele Romanow Image

Michele Romanow

Co-founder & President, Clearbanc

Jennifer Patterson Image

Jennifer Patterson

Chief Marketing Officer, NEXT Canada

Chris Eben Image

Chris Eben

Managing Partner, TWG

Michael Litt Image

Michael Litt

Co-Founder & CEO, Vidyard

Roger Chabra Image

Roger Chabra

CIO, Tribalscale

Jared Gutstadt Image

Jared Gutstadt

CEO, Jingle Punks

Randy Frisch Image

Randy Frisch

Co-Founder, CMO & President, Uberflip

Matt O'Leary Image

Matt O'Leary

Strategic Parternships, Shopify

Dr. Brett Belchetz Image

Dr. Brett Belchetz

Co-Founder & CEO, Maple

Shez Samji Image

Shez Samji

Managing Director & Head of Business Dev., Silicon Valley Bank

Michael Katchen Image

Michael Katchen

Co-Founder & CEO, Wealthsimple & Director, SickKids Foundation

Christian Lassonde Image

Christian Lassonde

Founder & Managing Partner, Impression Ventures & VC, SickKids

TWG No Limits Catalyst Donor
Amar Varma Distruptor $1M+
Kirk and Anke Simpson Investor $500K to $999,999
Uberflip Architect $100K to $249,999
Uberflip Architect $100K to $249,999
Zensurance Architect $100K to $249,999
Isaac Olowolafe Architect $100K to $249,999
Lyft Architect $100K to $249,999
Salim, Fahreen, Sara and Aydin Teja Designer $50K to $99,999
Jodi Kovitz Builder $25K to $49,999
OMERS Ventures Builder $25K to $49,999
inkbox Builder $25K to $49,999
Mark and Jade Jaine Builder $25K to $49,999
Tjene Friends of Tech4SickKids $10,000 to $24,999
TWG Friends of Tech4SickKids $10,000 to $24,999
Symbility Friends of Tech4SickKids $10,000 to $24,999
Radical Ventures Friends of Tech4SickKids $10,000 to $24,999
MovetheDial Friends of Tech4SickKids $10,000 to $24,999
Interac Friends of Tech4SickKids $10,000 to $24,999
Adobe Friends of Tech4SickKids $10,000 to $24,999
Drop Friends of Tech4SickKids $10,000 to $24,999
League Friends of Tech4SickKids $10,000 to $24,999

Daniel Warner, MediSeen
Kevin Oulds, Willful
FinTech Growth Syndicate
My Lil Health Mart
Alkarim Jivraj, Espresso Capital
Sergey Kalnish, SmartHire
Brim Financial
Taylor Klick, Influence for Impact
Allen Lau, Wattpad
Diana Nyugen
Shibli Haddad and Jeremy Otto, GivingGateway
Edward Shim, Studio1Labs
Steve Woods, Nudge
Paul Teshima, Nudge
Tyler and Braden Handley, inkbox
LevelJump Software Corp.
Laura Milne, CultureVibes
Jodi Kovitz, #movethedial
Erin Bury, County Wine Tours
Andrew Wells, Pinch Financial
Arber Puci, LaPiat
Brett Belchetz, Maple
Bree Balaski, Hardbody Hippie
Tom Masterson, Unburden Care
Joshua Domingues, Flashfood
Genevive Savundranayagam, Mahara
Sheba Zaidi, Mahara
Maryam Nabavi, Babbly
Najeed Kurji, Cyclica
Lori Casselman
Roger Chabra, TribalScale
Amir Hanna, Tenderly
Tammany Petrie, Everyday Kids Heroes
Kosh Persaud, Just Pillows
John Dong, Agile Education Labs
Alexis Dean, Dovetail Community
Mark Healy, Instant Autographs
Andrew O’Brien, Obie and Ax
Melissa Chung, Krippit
Nick Coutu, Engager-Rings

Join The Fight

Whether you donate, host a ping pong tourney, or inspire your employees to give, every contribution helps build a better SickKids.

Here’s how you can get involved.

The Cause

Tech4SickKids supports two
main initiatives:

01 AIM

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine for Kids (AIM) is an in-house resource hub to steer AI projects from lab to bedside. For example, machine-learning models that can predict cardiac arrest or return-visits to the ER. For all the hype about AI in medicine, clinical application is in its infancy. We want to blaze the trail. We want to make the hype happen. After all, if child health is the root of lifelong health, data science must start here.

Tech4SickKids wins!

In 2018, Tech4SickKids member Amar Varma supported the Varma Family Chair in Biomedical Informatics and Artificial Intelligence—the first of its kind in Canada. It was awarded to Dr. Anna Goldenberg, a leading computer scientist who wants to use her AI skills “for good.” “To be able to help children is so important because they have their whole life ahead of them,” she says. “We can actually make a huge difference here.” Read more here .

In 2018, a group of Tech4SickKids founders and companies pledged an investment to modernize our aging emergency department—a huge win for our 80,000 yearly ER patients.

Anna Goldenburg Image